We are Capitalevo

We are expanding our financial services in the US


At Capitalevo we are inspired to deliver the best of our integrity and reliability at your service to accompany you in making the best financial decisions for your company.


Our rigor is to give value to your investment by properly managing your risk. Forming the best investment decisions, financing and construction of financial projections.



Our History

Capitalevo in its beginnings

It started in Medellin, Colombia as an entrepreneurial idea with the support of the Ceipa Business School entrepreneurship center.

Trading Room Interna

Capitalevo began trading in the Foreign Exchange market, in the financial laboratory of Ceipa Business School, supported by Bloomberg LP.

Private Trading room

Capitalevo began trading in the Foreign Exchange market, in the financial laboratory of Ceipa Business School, supported by Bloomberg LP.

investment banking

We became an investment bank, to face the challenges of the economy and the financial system in Colombia to build strategic directions of finance for companies and generate greater liquidity in the market. We started offering services in the valuation of companies, financial analysis, among others. We also manage our own capital in the capital markets, covering the different areas of knowledge of securities such as shares and others. With the objective of gaining experience in the market for the placement of securities in the capital market for our clients

Corporate Finance

As Investment Banking, we have helped companies grow their finances for decision-making based on the quality of management financial reports for the business plan and its projections. Our accompaniment is to be more competent and form the best financial future of your company through investment with demonstration of the viability and sustainability of an initiative in the different options such as investment fund and private equity fund. We have also advised people, guiding them to capitalize in the capital market with professional criteria, in investments that are identified with their risk profile

Capital in the US

New opening of Capitalevo in the United States with a presence in Miami, Vero Beach and Weston. Our investment banking is in the process of expansion, obtaining all regulations and licenses at the financial system of the United States. We are strengthening new strategic alliances to provide our clients with the best options and taking our philosophy to new organizations in different regions

Our team is made up of a group of professionals with extensive knowledge in financial, economic and accounting matters. Focused on generating value for our clients and providing our services with integrity and transparency in the highest market standards.


Our Team

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Juan Camilo Guzman Rojas

CEO & Founder
Financial professional at Universidad Ceipa Business School, certified in Bloomberg – LP, certified in stock investment from the Colombian Stock Exchange and Universidad de Medellín. He has a professional trader and stock market negotiation diploma from the Colombian Stock Exchange. He is certified as an operator in the AMV (Self-regulator of the Colombian stock market). He also has a certificate given as a speaker from the IMEF University of Mexico on How to invest in the stock market as a beginner? He was a participant on Radio Munera Eastman in Medellín & Luna Estéreo in Bogotá, talking about economic and financial issues. He is the Founding CEO of the CAPITALEVO company founded in 2017, dedicated to Corporate finance and capital investment. Since 2014, he began his professional career as a Stockbroker, with more than 8 years of experience in the stock markets. He was trained in commission firms, in a company in the textile sector as a trader and was a trader in several brokers in the United States and Europe independently. He was an investment banker for corporate finance at the firm Arroyave & Asociados Consultores. He is currently a financial advisor and ambassador in several companies in Colombia and the United States in investment funds. He is a person of integrity and leader, he shows it with his transparency that guarantees respect and honor to others
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Yeimmy Sanabria Castro

Business administrator from the UDI university. With more than 12 years of experience in the Retail sector. He worked as an inventory analyst and point of sale leader in department stores, which allowed him to develop different personal and professional growth profiles. He has diplomas in Senior Management and managerial skills. He also has high leadership capacity and development of compliance strategies. He has a diploma in Organizational Financial Analysis from the Universidad Politécnico Superior de Colombia. He is a person who focuses on obtaining the results of an organization, using corporate values and giving value to human talent.
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Alejandro Arias Correa

Financial Advisor & Financial Analyst
Financial Engineer from EIA University, certified in Bloomberg, in stock valuation and in Power BI business intelligence. Passionate about business, finance and sales. He was part of the economic research team at Bancolombia Valores. He has stood out for his sporting achievements representing Colombia, which have contributed to the development of skills such as teamwork, relationships, work under pressure, leadership and achievement orientation. He is an entrepreneur with the ability to create strategies that help achieve the proposed goals. He is interested in areas related to capital markets, corporate finance and marketing. In addition, his passion for finance has led him to create a private investment fund with a history of 4 years, in which investment opportunities are constantly sought, leading a team of 9 people.
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Andrés Enrique Benítez

Financial Advisor
Administrative engineer from the National University with knowledge in finance, statistics, project management and the stock market. His professional experience was in the management of processes at ISA Inter Colombia in 2018, Financial Analyst in the Victims Unit and Financial Advisor of the Tame Interunion Council from 2019 to 2020. He has several courses such as State Contracting in the year 2021 at the School of Public Administration ESAP Colombia, Project Management and Administration of the National University of Colombia and Intermediate training in technical analysis applied to financial markets. Of which she is a Strategist in finance and investment consulting in Colombian investment funds. He also has skills and abilities in Excel and Power BI in data visualization by Udemy, Colombia and lastly, he participated in business for the new times that was awarded third place nationally for the year 2021 at the Universidad del Rosario de Colombia.

Gustavo Adolfo Malagón

Investment Banking Analyst
Business Administrator from the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia and Specialist in project evaluation and development from the Universidad del Rosario with more than 3 years of professional and commercial experience in the financial sector in entities such as DAVIVIENDA S.A. and AGRICULTURAL BANK OF COLOMBIA S.A. in the housing, micro-finance and SME portfolios, in addition, he has developed professional consulting activities related to market studies, competition studies focused on financial decision-making, organizational diagnoses, formulation of business plans, strategic and development plans. action, has also participated in Investment Banking projects such as spin-off projects of companies on market issues and financial analysis, as well as projects to obtain capital resources, contributing to their structuring and financial evaluation. Likewise, he has served as a volunteer for non-profit organizations providing intellectual and relational capital in the development of social programs and projects focused on local and departmental economic development.
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Chief Legal Officer
Lawyer, with more than thirty years of experience, with a Master's degree and an option for a Doctorate in Private Law; He has held senior management positions in financial entities, the National Presidency of a Health Provider Entity; CEO Founder of legal companies. His business training has led him to be a consultant for important companies in financial, legal, social security and senior management matters. It is distinguished by taking responsibility for any task. His work usually stands out above that of others; In group work tends to take the initiative and set the pace. Think that big risks come with bigger rewards. He stands out for his social intelligence and it is not difficult for him to find common ideas in the face of completely conflicting opinions.
Carlos Ibarra

Carlos Ibarra

Trader & Trainer
Independent Futures Trader since 2010, with discretionary methodology based on order flow reading. He has participated in important recruitment and consultancy processes for the establishment of Trading tables.
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Paula Andrea Muriel

Accounting Director
She is a public accountant and specialist in financial management with more than 10 years of experience, her emphasis is to generate value in financial planning, treasury and accounting of companies.
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Luis Felipe Gómez Vásquez

Director of Human Resources
He is a Psychologist from the Envigado University Institution, has a Diploma in Human Talent Management. He has experience in the field of Organizational Psychology and Human Management of Organizations, the foregoing has allowed him to develop skills and abilities in processes such as Selection and Hiring of Personnel, Training Plan and Training for Work teams and Contributions in general for the strengthening of Social Welfare for the staff. He is a Leader, Sociable and Smiling person, willing and focused on meeting objectives with the work team
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Audiovisual Director
Communicator in Audiovisual Languages from the University of Medellín, with an emphasis on administration of audiovisual companies and assembly. With more than 6 years of experience in the audiovisual sector, managing to produce national and international digital content from short films, documentaries, video clips and photographs for different companies. He has training in leadership, emotional intelligence, innovation and self-care. He was part of the production team for Teleantioquia productions and also for winning projects of the FDC (Film Development Fund). In his spare time and for three years he has been passionate about finance and investment, which has led him to trade in the futures market.
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